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Rachael Wade, Preservation

Well, in the meantime, Carter and I have been discussing the matter of Ryan." This time it wasn't the clang of a pan I heard, but instead a messy smack--the contact of Carter's backhand with Dean's head, I presumed. "Just hear me out. You have options. I have an Italian uncle. He'll make sure Ryan is sleeping with the fishes by next week."

"Dean!" Unable to repress my amusement, my eyes flew wide and my grin grew.

"Either that, or we can go all Sweeney Todd on him and--"

"Oh, will you stop?" My laughter was crippling. "There will be no calls to your uncle and no trip to the barber shop--please, leave Sweeney Todd out of it.

Life Quotes And Sayings by Rachael Wade, Preservation

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